Our Cider

Our ciders are currently available at Unda Camping & Resort in Uddevalla, Sweden and soon through Systembolaget. Please check back here or on our Instagram account @normancider for more info. If you would like to see our cider on your restaurant menu, get in touch!

The Wild One

Dry, sparkling, hedgerow craft cider. Wild apple, aronia and plum with gin-soaked sloes, slow-fermented on their own yeast in steel tanks and bottle conditioned for natural effervescence. Our cider is made with 100% fruit in small batches and with minimal interference. Unpasteurised, the cider lives on, evolving on its journey from tree to table.

Guld i Mund

Wild and foraged garden apples combine to give a rich, dry cider with balanced acidity and tannin for a lingering oak finish. Spontaneously fermented with native yeasts and left on the lees for a year before bottle conditioning. Unpasteurised, the cider lives on, constantly evolving on its journey from tree to table.


In Driftwood we have combined wild and cultivated apples to give acid and tannin to the blend. Fermented in a steel tank and kept on the lees for six months, the cider was briefly aged in an old bourbon barrel before landing in a bottle for conditioning.

With minimal interference on the journey from tree to glass, we strive to nurture a living cider, which rewards the drinker with unique character and depth of flavour.

Our Apple Juice

Made in small batches, our apple juice is unfiltered and pasteurised in beautiful glass bottles, with our own-designed label. 100% apple. It can currently be found at Café Tillsammans and Rätt Rå on Orust, as well as at Unda Camping & Resort in Uddevalla, Sweden.