About Us

Norman Cider has its roots in England where we have been making the drink for many years. It was a happy coincidence that we moved here around the same time that this golden drink began its revival in Sweden. Now there is a real vibrant culture of craft cider makers and enthusiasts. Our ambition is for more people to get to know how good cider can be.

Norman Cider is produced by The Kitchen Garden Falkenberg AB. In addition to cider making, we deal with soil health, food production and more (read more at  www.thekitchengarden.se ). Going forward, Norman Cider will be produced on the beautiful island of Orust.

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Real Cider

Real cider is made from 100% fruit. After this point, opinions differ among craft cider makers regarding production methods and there are many ways to make good cider. As with everything else, we accept that we are on a constant journey of knowledge & development, but our process today is to interfere with the cider as little as possible.  

Cider is alive. And we take care to keep it that way, making best use of the raw materials to foster a living drink that is full of character.
The fruit comes from private gardens as well as wild trees with desirable characteristics. Sulfites are rarely added, although they do occur naturally in cider. Spontaneous fermentation turns the must into cider which is then stored in steel tanks for at least six months. Bottling takes place with a pinch of sugar which allows a fine carbonation to build up naturally through bottle conditioning. Unlike typical Swedish ciders, our ciders are currently all dry or off dry.

Our ciders are now available through restaurants and through Systembolaget. Please check back here or on our Instagram account @normancider for more info.